Timbales of Provencale Vegetable with Goats Cheese

Timbales of Provencale Vegetables with Goats Cheese

Serves 6
Occasion Everyday
If you are not a lover of goats cheese you may place a thick slice of another cheese on top of these timbales of provencale vegetables.


  • 3 large Courgettes
  • 2 medium Aubergine
  • 2 Shallots
  • 1 Red Pepper
  • 1 clove Garlic (crushed)
  • 1/2 tin Chopped Plum Tomatoes
  • 1/2 Log Goats Cheese (such as St. Tola)

For the Herb Crumb

  • 1 1/2 cup White Breadcrumbs
  • 1 1/2 cup Herbs (lots of basil, flat leafed parsley and a sprig of thyme)
  • 4 tablespoons Olive Oil


  • Stainless Steel rings (about 3'' in diameter, 1 1/2'' deep)


Preparation of the Ratatouille
Slice the aubergine into 12 x 5mm thick slices. Slice the courgette lengthwise into 6x5mm thick slices.
Finely dice the shallots. Dice the remaining aubergine and courgette. Remove the core and seeds from the red pepper and cut into dice.
Heat 2 tablespoons olive oil in a saucepan and add the shallots and garlic. Cook for a few minutes until softened and then add the diced aubergine.
Season with salt and pepper and cook for a few minutes, tossing every so often. Add the diced courgette, cook for a minute or two and then add the red pepper.
Cook for another minute or two. Moisten with the chopped tomatoes (you may not need all the tomatoes - I prefer to add extra tomato juice if the mixture is too dry) and season with salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar.
Allow to simmer for about 5 minutes to reduce the tomatoes. The vegetables in the finished ratatouille should still have a nice bite to them and the ratatouille should not be too wet.
Boil the sauce to reduce it if it is too runny.

The ratatouille may be made many hours in advance or the day before.
Aubergine and Courgette slices
The aubergine rounds and the slices of courgette should be cooked on the griddle pan (or you may cook them in the frying pan with a little olive oil if you do not have a griddle).
Heat the griddle until it is very hot. Paint both sides of the aubergine with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and place on the griddle.
Cook for a few minutes until golden on the underside and then turn the aubergine over and cook again until golden and tender when pierced with a knife.
Paint the courgette with olive oil, season and place on the griddle. Cook until lightly golden on both sides.
To make the Herb Crumb
Place the breadcrumbs and herbs in the food processor. Pulse for a few seconds to break up the herbs.
Pour in the olive oil and pulse until the herbs have been chopped finely.
To make up the Timbales
Place the stainless steel rings on a baking tray.
Line the outside of each ring with a strip of courgette. (If the courgette is not long enough, cut an extra piece and patch it up).
Place a slice of aubergine in the bottom of each ring. Spoon some ratatouille over the aubergine. Top with another slice of aubergine.
Slice the goat cheese into rounds about 1/2'' thick - it doesn't matter if it doesn't stay in one piece.
Top with a handful of herb crumbs.

The timbales may be prepared ahead up to this point.
Preheat oven 160C, 350F, Gas 4

Place the timbales in the oven for about 15 minutes or until the cheese has melted and the crumbs are golden.
To Serve
To serve, lift the timbales onto each plate with a wide spatula. Loosen the courgette from the ring with a knife and lift off the ring.


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If you are not a lover of goats cheese, you may place the thick slice of mozarella on the top of each timbales instead. Use the fresh mozarella which is packed in brine.
Feta, Taleggio, Fontina are also good alternatives.

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